How Easy Is It to Get an Online Medical Marijuana Card in Charleston, WV?

Getting a medical marijuana card in Charleston, West Virginia is a matter of minutes. Our certified medical marijuana doctors are there to guide you without any trouble. Just get on your computer or smartphone to get started.

Follow These Four-Step Process To Get A Card

online medical marijuana

Fill Out A Form

Start by filling out a simple form with your basic information and health history. Our MMJ doctors will review this form for evaluation.

online medical marijuana

Converse with a Doctor

Our state-certified medical doctor will examine your health information and address all your queries online. During this session, the doctor will decide if you need marijuana.

online medical marijuana

Get Prescription

Upon approval, the physician will submit your prescription to the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT).

online medical marijuana

Start Shopping

Once your prescription is with CURT, you can buy marijuana at a legal dispensary. You will not be emailed anything because no physical card is available in San Antonio.

Laws in San Antonio, Texas

The Texas Compassionate Use Act (SB 339) legalized medical marijuana in 2015. The regulations in San Antonio are more rigid than in other US states. 

A patient is allowed to use products with 1% THC (it was 0.5% THC earlier) after a doctor’s prescription. Weed oil is permitted to be consumed as medical marijuana, as it has a low amount of THC. Also, it is essential to note that smokeable is not permitted to be inhaled.

The recreational use of marijuana is not legal in Texas. However, adult users can consume products with 0.3% THC.

Furthermore, it’s also pertinent to note that you cannot grow your own cannabis in Texas because it’s not legal.

In addition, the law does not allow out-of-state cardholders to purchase marijuana at San Antonio, Texas, dispensaries.

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Know How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana

To begin with, you should be a legal resident of San Antonio, Texas, with a valid driver’s license or state identification number in order to qualify to get a medical marijuana card. 

Age-wise, you must be 18 years old to apply for a card. However, you will need your guardian’s permission if you are a minor. It is important to note that there is no caregiver program in San Antonio, Texas. Only nurses and social workers are allowed to obtain marijuana on behalf of patients.

Juveniles with conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, or any other neurological issue will be in a position to qualify for medical cannabis.

Furthermore, you must also meet one of the qualifying medical conditions. These conditions are  

cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, autism, an incurable neurodegenerative disease, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, spasticity, peripheral neuropathies, Parkinson’s disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Consult With MMJ Doctor in Charleston, WV Without Any Hassles

Our team of licensed Charleston Medical marijuana doctors believe in creating a safe space for you during consultations. You can easily connect with a doctor from the comfort of your home. Everything remains confidential from the information you submit to the sensitive medical past you share with your doctor.

Our MMJ doctors believe in the potential of cannabis as an alternative treatment to chronic medical conditions and sympathize with your pain. For this reason, our support staff ensures that you receive your medical marijuana recommendation letter within 24 hours of your consultation.

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Benefits to Enjoy With Our Marijuana Card

Medical Card Online

100% Online Process

Your comfort matters to us. Therefore, we get you evaluated in the comfort of your home. Just contact us, and we will help you through the entire process.

Medical Card Online

Skip Driving To Clinics For Appointments

It’s time to say goodbye to long waits and drives to get to the clinic and hello to our telemedicine platform. We want to make the healing process comfortable for you. So, relax at home, and everything will be taken care of by us.

Medical Card Online

Qualified Doctors

All our doctors are registered with the state and qualified to recommend you a medical marijuana card to deal with your medical symptoms.

Medical Card Online

We Work in Line With HIPAA

We follow HIPAA guidelines. It simply means your information remains secure and will not be shared with a third party.

Medical Card Online

Always Available For You

You can contact us any time of the day, and we will be more than happy to help you out with your concerns and queries.

Medical Card Online

We Have an A+ Rating

We’ve been rated the best by the Better Business Bureau in terms of our service. Our customers come first to us, and our aim is to provide them with world-class service.

Why Thousands of MMJ Users Trust Us?

Our team of physicians understands the patient’s plea and ensures that the whole process is completed without hindrance.

Our trust leads us to cannabis as an alternative therapy for treating patients and improving their overall quality of life. Support is available 24/7 so you aren’t left waiting for your turn to get an MMJ recommendation.

Our telemedicine clinic ensures that:

  • You get easy and early access to MMJ recommendation
  • Same day MMJ E-Card
  • You pay only if you qualify
  • You get the legal right to possess and consume cannabis
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Meet Your Perks and Enjoy Having a Medical Marijuana Card Online

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Zero Taxes

Medical merijuana card users are not required to pay any sales taxes for cannabis use.

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More Dispensaries Available

Patients with medical weed cards can access more dispensaries to buy cannabis.

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No Legal Trouble

Patients with medical weed cards can enjoy legal protection and can carry up to a 30-day supply of marijuana as recommended by their certified physician.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A medical card permits patients to legally buy cannabis for medicinal use in San Antonio. Patients with a card can also save a lot of money on their purchases. Not only this, but they also enjoy priority access to products over recreational users in dispensaries. 

Yes, it is legal in San Antonio, and you can use this platform to get a medical marijuana consultation.

The qualifying conditions include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, autism, an incurable neurodegenerative disease, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, spasticity, peripheral neuropathies, Parkinson’s disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

No, it is not legal for patients in San Antonio to grow their own cannabis; however, they can buy medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries.